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Self Wealth Mastery

Take the next step in your money journey with My Money Start-up designed by Stefano to help you uncover your true potential through self mastery. This completely self-paced mastery course was created for you to learn, earn, grow and explore with enlightening learning tools for you to take full responsibility for your own life & your money.

Your Money Start-up is an online course to take your money reality to the next level.

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Self mastery requires having a vision of your future self. I truly believe the impact of bringing to light a vision for your life uncovers your true purpose and desires without limitations. The practice of resilience is ignited by self belief as you succeed and fail through your endeavors by learning to become a master in all areas of your life. We will uncover your truths about money and empower your self worth as you dig deep into your money and vision to accomplish your goals.

I am aware that some of the biggest money problems arise from a lack of education, knowledge and self worth. If you believe you do not have control with your money, your first problem is easily solved with the first step being that you take full responsibility for the present moment. The moment you shift your belief system and realise you stand in your destiny is the moment you change your life, forever. I want you to step into your self mastery and start believing in change. Change within yourself and change with how you fully understand who you are and the power you have within to master the gifts and talents you have.

We will begin by identifying common money terms and money problems. The 4 part e-course will cover the basics you need to master your money.

The purpose of this course is for you to:

  • Learn how to start your own Money Start-Up

  • 10 Steps to financial mastery

  • Learn Money terms and were they derived from, what is there meanings

  • How to create goals and plan to achieve them and how to Find your purposeful goals and what it is that you really want to achieve.

  • Build you Money self esteem!

  • How to tackle your bills head on and stay ahead of them.

  • Introduce your wealth start-up machine. A tool that if used correctly alone wil easily cover the cost of this course that you can use now to save and make you money.

  • Create and dominate an automated money structure

  • Master your money with tools and resources to take it to the next level

  • Give you the ability to digitalise how you manage your wealth

  • Get educated with videos

  • Open your mind to why you need multiple strings of income

  • Build a relationship with your money with you as the captain of the ship

Plus, a whole lot more!

This course is for you if you:

  • If you don't know your money perpus or how to set goals that are derived from your truest self passion.

  • Can't set goals and stick to them or can't seem to ever stick to your goals to achieve them.

  • You want to be more accountable to your goals

  • Want more from the money you earn

  • You have never seen a financial adviser but could use there help with out the cost.

  • Have no saving plan

  • Don't know what cash flow is and how you can use it to create more (cash Flowing into your life.

  • After each paycheck you can never seem to get a head.

  • Want to break up your income so you can know what and why you can't afford something and how to make is possible to achieve a life of knowing how to get a head of your money problems.

  • Need a structure to start managing the money coming in and going out

  • Want to 10X a money plan

  • Want to start maximising your earning potential and life a life you desire

  • You want to get out of the habit of living pay to pay

Many people I coach start with my 1-1 service because they just don’t know where to start and are usually quite overwhelmed and defeated in the beginning but one thing they all have in common is that they are ready and willing to make a big change. One thing I can guarantee is that you will find sinking holes in your bucket that you had no idea were there. You will step up to the plate and start digging deep into your truths about money and how you got to where you are now. I built this course for you to gain the insight of exactly how a money coach sets up a foundation for clients and redesigned with the best tolls and concepts for you to take full control of your money now and in the future.

Only you are holding yourself back. It may sound a bit harsh but it is the truth and I am here to give it to you straight. Excuses are dreams that get flushed away by self-limiting beliefs that do not help you grow. Growth takes time, effort, patience and persistence.

where you go wrong with money

but most importantly how to use a financial advisers insight to do it all in the most effective way but on your own.

OVER THE NEXT 4 WEEKS - This course will show you how to digitize the way you manage your money with you in charge. You will learn how to become a money machine as my lessons take you from step 1 (not having a money machine) to managing your money in an effective way so you can continue to easily manage and grow your wealth machine after this course is over.

Why have I set this out for 4 weeks, the reasoning is because each step with time will enable you to take it all in and allow yourself the ability to allow my teachings to really resonate and for you to become the manager of your money. As a financial advisor I do a lot of the steps in this course to help people gain an education around their money to enable them to become the financial adviser in their lives, don't get me wrong having an adviser is one of the most underestimated costs we try to avoid but I wanted to create a course that would not deter you from starting to take control of your money based on the cost of doing it. So over the next four weeks i want you do each step as directed and to take time in doing it, as I have created videos you can watch a 1000 times so you can really let it you resonate and comprehend all the details. Once you feel you have fully understood each step I have added tools to start implanting your knowledge.

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